Fire Fighting Station

We are authorized to inspect, service and certify all types of portable / trolley type fire extinguisher. These included Dry Powder, Water, Foam and CO2 Fire Extinguishers.

We are also specialized in maintenance, inspection and certification of Fixed Fire Extinguishing System.

Servicing, inspection and maintenance of Breathing Apparatus Sets, Elsa & Medical Set and other relevant life-saving sets.

我们获得授权检查, 维修, 验证各类手提/推车式灭火器, 包括干泡沫, 水, 泡沫与二氧化碳灭火器等.

我们也专长于保养, 检查与验证固定防火系统.

维修, 检查与保养呼吸系统配备, ELSA与医疗配备以及其他救生配备.
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