Our Services

Inflatable liferaft

INDEX-COOL accredited by the Malaysia Marine Department to carry out servicing, maintenance, repairs, and inspections of the inflatable liferaft in accordance with the requirements given in IMO Resolution A.761 (18) and the MSC.55 (66) Amendment as well.

  • Open, inspect / service of inflatable liferaft
  • Leak testing, refilling, pressure testing of CO2 cylinders  
  • Check on the emergency packs
  • Working pressure test (WP)
  • Necessary additional pressure test (NAP)
  • Floor seam test (FS)
  • Functioning test of hydrostatic release unit
  • Re-certification upon completed
  • Throw-overboard type
  • Davit-launched type
  • Self righting inflatable liferaft
  • Open-reversible inflatable raft
  • Capacity coverage from 4 persons to 100 persons

We are an authorized sales distributor and service provider for the following liferaft brands:


  • One-to-one exchange
  • We service our liferafts with certificate 
  • Permanent exchange with the ship’s unit liferaft 
  • To save your valuable time with our exchange programme  
  • Due date monthly reminder notification
  • No delay on your ship’s schedule  (further operation schedule)    
  • Exchange with a pre-inspected and fully approved liferaft     
  • Save-up on transportation required    
  • Provide with valid certificate  

Fire-fighting Appliances (FFA)

We perform annual inspect, service & maintenance for the below FIRE-FIGHTING APPLIANCE (FFA) and LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCE (LSA):

Our fire-fighting service station has been recognized by the major class approvals, and we are authorized to inspect, service, and certify all types of fire-fighting equipment, including Dry Powder, Water, Foam and CO2 Fire Extinguishers, SCBA, EEBD, MO2. We are also specialized in the maintenance, inspection and certification of respiratory protection and fire-fighting fixed system.


  • Portable / Trolley Fire Extinguisher     
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)    
  • Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD)    
  • Medical Resuscitator     
  • Breathing Air Compressor     
  • Breathing Air Quality Test    
  • Lifeboat Air Cylinder     
  • Immersion Suit (3-yearly / annually)    
  • Inflatable Lifejacket / Filled-foam Lifejacket     
  • Fireman Suit / Chemical Suit    


  • Fixed CO2 (low/high) Installation System    
  • Fire Alarm Detection System     
  • Fixed Water Mist System     
  • Fixed Water Sprinkler System     
  • Fixed Wet Chemical System     
  • Fixed Dry Powder System
  • Fixed Foam Installation System
  • Foam Sample Analysis


  • Fixed Gas Detection System     
  • Portable Gas Detector    
  • Oil Discharging Monitoring System (ODME)    
  • 15ppm Bilge Alarm (OWS)    
  • Breath Alcohol Meter

Lifejacket / Immersion Suit

We provide annual Service and Inspection of Life Jacket & Immersion Suit.

  • To inspect 
  • To service 
  • To repair 
  • To re-certification

Lifeboat / Rescue Boat & Launching Appliances

We specialize in service, maintenance, and commissioning of LIFEBOAT, RESCUE BOAT, DAVIT AND WINCH.

Our highly qualified and experienced team carries out the maintenance and annual inspection service for the lifeboat / rescue boat, release mechanism, launching appliance, davit and winch brake system in accordance with IMS 1206/Rev. 1.

  • Annual Inspect Lifeboat Davit & Winch System     
  •  Annual Inspect Rescue Boat     
  •  Checking / Refilling / Pressure Test Lifeboat Air Cylinder    
  •  Quick Release Hook Inspection    
  •  Single-Arm Davit Inspection    
  •  Functioning Test     
  •  Dynamic Winch Brake Test     
  •  Release Gear Test    
  •  Sprinkler Test     
  • Re-Certification Upon Completion
  • Free-fall Lifeboat, Davit & Winch System
  • Gravity Hinged Lifeboat Davit
  • Totally Enclosed Lifeboat 
  • Open Type Lifeboat   
  • Fast Rescue Boat

We are an authorized sales distributor and service provider for:

Ship’s Spare In Transit

We have earned a reputation in the business for our speedy, reliable and efficient clearances and deliveries of urgent ship spares. Many major ship owners, ship management companies, ship builders and manufacturers entrust us to have their goods delivered to the vessel on time. Whether it is a critical spare part delivery or simply a case of meeting a delivery deadline, we offer pre-clearance of imported merchandise. Air and sea freight consignments of spares that are marked “spares in transit” are delivered directly to the vessel.

We arrange customs clearance, warehousing and direct delivery on board of “ship’s spare in transit” to your vessels calling Port Klang. We store your shipment for as long as necessary and deliver it on board alongside your bonded stores, saving you time and money. You forward your shipment to us and our specialized team will take care of the rest.

Our services include:

  • Air Freight     
  • Sea Freight     
  • Air & Sea Transshipments     
  • Custom brokerage     
  • Transportation – deliver spare parts to vessel